Selecting and working with a builder

Selecting a builder is as important as choosing an architect.  It is essential that both these professionals enjoy a good working relationship so that you achieve the best possible result.

  • Choose a builder as early as possible, preferably when you appoint an architect.

  • Make sure your builder is licensed and registered with the Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA).

  • Don’t choose a builder based only on the lowest quote.

  • ‘Word of mouth’ is the best form of advertising, so ask a builder for names and addresses of satisfied clients. Discuss or view previous construction projects.

  • Select a builder who listens to you, communicates openly with you, and understands your expectations. It is important that you have a strong level of trust in your builder and his ability to deliver.

  • When talking to builders for quotes, have as much documentation as possible (such as plans, specs, engineering reports etc). This is the best way to obtain genuinely comparative and more accurate quotations.
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